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abalone encircled custom rosette, rosewood binding, no pickguard, nitrocellulose lacquer clear, ebony fretboard, slotted peghead, gold Waverly 3-on-a-side  Tapered solid oak legs with nitrocellulose lacquer finish. • Felt feet.Dimensions:Length: 100 cm Height: 42.5 cm Depth: 96.6cmDiscover the full Quilda collection  Thomanns Note: Not suitable for long-term use with instruments with nitrocellulose lacquer! Jag misstänker att det i första hand gäller min  Polyethylene films coated by commercially available polyvinyldichloride (PVdC) as well as nitrocellulose (NC) lacquer with addition of natamycin preparation  Body Body Material: Mahogany Finish: Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Neck Neck Material: Mahogany Neck Profile: Slim Taper Scale Length:  DETyska ordbok: Nitrocellulose-Lack. Nitrocellulose-Lack har 1 översättningar i 1 språk.

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It is fast drying, hard and abrasion resistant. It is thermoplastic in nature and has oil and petrol resistance. It is use full for  Colorless Nitrocellulose lacquer finish. High gloss. Paint your guitar in nitro without varnishing equipment.

A mixture of the dinitrates and trinitrate of cellulose and ethanol . Exposure to heat may evaporate the solvent leaving a residue that is subject to self-accelerating decomposition and may explode if confined or present in large quantities. NC Lacquer.

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Ping-pong balls are made of nitrocellulose [pyroxylin] (cellulose dinitrate), specifically celluloid that consists of roughly 75% cellulose dinitrate and This premium, 550-VOC compliant, clear nitrocellulose lacquer was designed for use on high-end wood products. The volume solids and toughness provide a high-build, non-yellowing, mar-resistant coating. nitrocellulose, nitric acid ester ester, any one of a group of organic compounds with general formula RCO 2 R′ (where R and R′ are alkyl groups or aryl groups) that are formed by the reaction between an alcohol and an acid.

Nitrocellulose lacquer

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The look, feel, and tone of nitrocellulose is hard to surpass, and it is easier than many finishes to repair or touch-up.

Nitrocellulose lacquer

Formulation and Use - … 400ml Nitrocellulose paint/lacquer.
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Nitrocellulose lacquer

It is fast drying, hard and abrasion resistant. It is thermoplastic in nature and has oil and petrol resistance.

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400ml Nitrocellulose paint/lacquer. We stock a wide range of high quality nitrocellulose lacquers and paints suitable for use on any guitar project. We’ve produced a range of colours found on popular guitar models and used our own Strat and Tele bodies for reference.

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A nitrocellulose lacquer also wears away over time, causing dulling in areas where you make regular contact with your guitar; such as the lower bout where your forearm rests. Nitrocellulose also yellows with time, especially when exposed to excessive sunlight. Apart from the above, small cracks can appear in a nitro finish after several years too.


No tint, just clear gloss Nitro; 1960's Formula; As used by Fender, Gibson & Martin. In a aerosol spray can; All our sample neck colour photos show three coats of the labelled nitro tint laquer on top of a clear sanding sealer base. Nitrocellulose is the main compound in smokeless gunpowder. Double and triple base powders seem to be most common though.

Nitrocellulose lacquer was initially marketed as a fast-drying alternative to wood treatments such as shellac and Dangers. One half of 2017-10-07 · Nitrocellulose lacquer has been used to finish musical instruments for decades. The processes and sequence used to apply this material are usually the same for all craftsmen and factories – initial thin wash coat or sealer coat, filling the pores in hardwoods, building multiple clear coats (with color coats as desired), waiting for the lacquer to cure, and finally leveling and polishing to high gloss. NCL Nitrocellulose Lacquer. Nitrocellulose Lacquer is a single pack, fast drying general purpose lacquer. Potential uses are high quality furniture, shop fittings, doors, cabinets, desks, panelling, partitions – most interior timberwork. Can also be used on suitably primed metals.