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We are the world’s largest primary cell provider, with a variety of normal human and animal primary cells frozen at early passage, cell culture media and reagents, growth factors, cell-derived molecular biology products, cell-based assay kits, stem cell products and gene analysis tools. The TruSight HLA v2 Sequencing Panel provides clinical researchers with a broad-coverage, ultra-high–resolution human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing solution for simple, rapid assessment of the HLA region in a single assay. It features: High-resolution sequencing of 11 HLA loci 2020-08-13 · Gone are the days of resolving ambiguities for every sample at every locus; TruSight HLA delivers an ultra-high–resolution typing result the first time. Featured Sequencing Instruments MiniSeq System : With a low purchase price and cost-efficiency even for low sample numbers, MiniSeq enables a broad range of targeted DNA and RNA applications.

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It is ideal for medium to high sample throughputs and, thanks to automation, is also well suited for night service. Fast HLA typing based on sequence-specific primers is ideally suited for smaller numbers of samples and confirmatory tests. Kit zur Überprüfung der Temperaturuniformität bei Thermocyclern: 10: 70976: Happy Taq Taq Polymerase für den Einsatz mit HISTO TYPE und BAGene SSP Kits: HLA typing by next-generation sequencing (NGS) generates unambiguous, phase-resolved HLA typing results using a single assay, system, and analysis program. A New Paradigm in HLA Sequencing Achieve high accuracy, efficiency, and certainty in HLA typing—all in a single assay. For HLA class I typing based on WES, OptiType algorithm is used for data evaluation. For HLA class I and HLA class II typing based on Panel Sequencing, HLA analysis is performed with Assign TruSight HLA analysis software (Illumina). You will receive the HLA typing results as Excel (.xlsx) and Text (.txt) file.

The new MIA FORA NGS FLEX HLA Typing Kit is the only Next Generation Sequencing solution that delivers comprehensive, flexible coverage and an optimized laboratory workflow without compromising performance. Sample to Sequencing in <24 hours ; Available as 5, 6, 9 and 11 gene kits ; Upgrade to the power of the MIA FORA 3.0 software To determine first‐ and second‐field HLA typing (when the AllType kit was used for second‐ and first‐field determination, respectively) and to control for homozygosity, we used the PCR‐LABType SSO XR kit (One Lambda) for HLA‐A/B/DRB1 typing and the PCR‐LABType SSO HD kit for HLA‐C/DQB1/DQA1/DPB1/DPA1 typing, 34 allowing 1018 alleles to be compared at the second field (most likely allele for SSO). For HLA class I typing based on WES, OptiType algorithm is used for data evaluation.

Low Throughput HLA Typing Protocol

Our cost effective kits do not require handling of strips or membranes, colormetric reactions, nor visual analysis of colored bands or dots. Morgan HLA ABDR SSP Typing Kit. Catalog No.:33111 / 33116. Kit Size: 10 / 20 tests/kit.

Hla typing kit

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Applied Biosystems HLA Typing. Systems provide bility that is essential in HLA typing. This advanced kit has greatly simplified sequencing- based typing of  The Nanostar® NGS HLA kits targets the major HLA genes – 11 loci – Full exon coverage providing High Resolution HLA typing result in less than 48 hours  Locus Sequencing Kits provide reagents for amplification, purification, and Sanger sequencing of HLA alleles (variants) from DNA. Sequencing fragments  Please note these HLA kits are for reference only are no longer available to order . Lyophilised formula contains all buffers, primers & Taq. No user variation – just  3 Oct 2018 The LinkSēq HLA Kits provide sequence specific primers dried in a PCR Tray for the identification of HLA alleles in human genomic DNA. HLA-DQ Typing Kits in Diagnosis and Screening for Celiac Disease. Genet Test Mol Biomarkers. 2019 Jun;23(6):418-422.

Hla typing kit

A black dot marks well one, which is also Dr Andrew Waller explains the importance of understanding the HLA types of your study cohort, and how ProImmune can help you. Typing HLA genes in patient and donor is indeed required in hematopoietic stem cell and solid organ transplantation, and the MHC region exhibits countless genetic associations with immune-related PCR-sequence-specific oligonucleotide (PCR-SSO) is commonly used for HLA-typing. We recently replaced LabType SSO HD kit for HLA-C typing with the XR kit (OneLambda, Inc.).
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Hla typing kit

INNEHÅLL. Sid HLA-DR typing by PCR amplification with sequence-specific. An integrated solution for your test kit manufacturing needs MCD offers the complete The most cost effective way to fulfil your HLA Typing needs We have  av S ALSHIEKH — polymorphic HLA alleles by typing all exons and introns through combining clonal ScisGo HLA v4.0 typing kit of the genotyping system according to the. HLA-B27 typing was performed using the PCR sequence-specific. primer (PCR-SSP) technique (Histo Type B27 high resolution kit; BAG,.

Contents: Anti-HLA-B27 FITC / CD3 PE, HLA-B27 Our NGS solution for HLA class I and II typing is carried out via multiplex PCR of HLA specific amplicons. Exon and flanking intron sequences from the HLA genes are amplified in 4 reactions, simultaneously tagged with index sequences (to distinguish samples), pooled, and sequenced.
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NanoStar ® NGS HLA Typing kit The NanoStar ® NGS HLA kits target the major HLA genes – 11 loci – Full exon coverage. They provide High Resolution HLA typing results in less than 48 hours using 100 ng template DNA and are MiSeq compatible.

LIFECODES HLA-SSO typing kits are available for HLA: A, B, C, DRB1, DQB1/DQA, DPB1/DPA, DRB 3-4-5 and Null allele. For better resolution, HLA eRes kits have been designed for HLA- A, B, C and DRB1 (they require two wells per sample).